Dr. Timothy O’Malley, Theology Instructor

Dr. Tim O’Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy (NDCL) and a concurrent professor in the Department of Theology at Notre Dame.  He has been affiliated with Notre Dame Vision since 2003, when he served as a Mentor-in-Faith, a role he also fulfilled in 2004.  Since 2005, Dr. O’Malley has given a keynote address at Vision and has also spoken to the Notre Dame CYM conference.  Beginning in 2012, Dr. O’Malley began teaching the theology course for the Vision mentors, entitled “Christian Experience: Vocation and the Theological Imagination.” 

Originally from Maryville, TN, Dr. O’Malley graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in theology and philosophy and a M.T.S. in liturgical studies.   He completed his Ph.D. from Boston College, his dissertation entitled, “Practicing Worshipful Wisdom:  An Augustinian Approach to Mystagogical Formation.”  He has been published in a broad range of journals, including Studia Liturgica, Liturgical Ministry, and Ligourian Magazine.  Dr. O’Malley has also spoken at the National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis in Baltimore, MD and the National Catholic Youth Conference.    His research interests include liturgical and sacramental theology, preaching, spirituality, Catholic identity, and catechetical theology. 

Dr. O’Malley is the founding editor of Church Life:  A Journal for the New Evangelization and Oblation:  Catechesis, Liturgy, and the New Evangelization.  He also convenes a symposium on the liturgy each summer for pastoral ministers.