Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo, Director

Ministering with the Notre Dame Vision program since its inception in 2002, Dr. Leonard DeLorenzo’s role as program director started in August 2004. His involvement in Notre Dame Vision includes two summers as an undergraduate Mentor-in-Faith, two summers as a keynote presenter, one year as the program’s Coordinator of Outreach projects, and now more than ten years as director.  He also edits Notre Dame Vision’s blog, Full of Grace, and is a regular contributor and columnist for the Institute for Church Life’s online journal, Church Life: A Journal for the New Evangelization.

Dr. DeLorenzo earned his Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the University of Notre Dame, writing a dissertation on the Communion of Saints, death, and communication. He previously earned his master’s (systematic theology) and bachelor’s degrees (theology and philosophy) at Notre Dame. 

From August 2003 through June 2010, Dr. DeLorenzo concurrently served as the Coordinator for Recruitment for the Center for Catechetical Initiatives at Notre Dame.  He was instrumental in the creation and launching of the new Echo: Faith Formation Leadership Program - a graduate service program committed to renewing the ministry of catechesis in the Catholic Church. Participating in the design of the program, he helped to set its foundation in its first year, and then gathered together the first seven cohorts of program participants. 

Born in Nutley, New Jersey and raised in Orange County, California (via Nashville, Tennessee), he now resides in South Bend, Indiana with his wife, Lisa, and their children: Caleb, Felicity, Josiah, and Isaac.

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